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100 Of My Favorite Monkey Photos

Curious Monkeys
2 curious monkeys hanging out the fence checking me out at a wildlife refuge off the Great Ocean Road of Australia

I’ve taken a lot of monkey photos in my travels, both in the wild and in captivity. Monkeys might be my favorite thing to photograph as their interactions with both people and the camera are so funny and unpredictable. Sometimes it can be a bit scary because a monkey at 10% of my body weight would probably win in a fight, but this just adds to the fun. Below are 100 of my favorite monkey photos from my travels around the world.

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Angry Monkey
One of my favorite monkey pics ever - Koh Phangan, Thailand
Monkey With his Head In The Fence
A cute little monkey at the zoo in Koh Samui, Thailand
Monkey Eating Leaf
A young monkey eating a leaf in the Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali
Monkey Climbed My Back
A monkey relaxing on my back and shoulder in Ubud, Bali
Monkey On Guys Head
A monkey finds a comfortable spot on this mans head in Ubud, Bali
Monkey Stares From Behind Fence
A monkey looks in in jealousy as he sits outside the Dambulla Cave Temple in Sri Lanka
Monkey Teases Cobra
A monkey teases a spitting cobra on the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka
Wise Monkey
An older monkey looks off in the distance as if deep in thought in Uluwatu, Bali
Monkey On My Leg
A monkey sitting on my foot looking up at me in Bali
Monkey On Pillar, Bali
A real life gargoyle in Uluwatu, Bali
Monkey Attacks Girl In Bali
A monkey jumps on the back of an unsuspecting girl in Uluwatu, Bali
Monkey Chewing On Lighter
A monkey working hard to get into a cigarette lighter in Bali
Funny Monkeys
2 monkeys each doing their own thing in Uluwatu, Bali
Monkeys Grabbing My Camera
These thieving monkeys tried to steal my camera in Uluwatu
Monkey Jumps On Woman
A monkey jumps on a woman to get the bananas she bought to feed the monkeys in Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali
Monkey On The Cliff In Bali
A fat monkey sitting on the edge of the cliff in Uluwatu
Howler Monkey Makes Face
A howler monkey showing me his food, or teeth in Polonnoruwa, Sri Lanka
Baby Monkeys Eating
2 younger monkeys eating in a tree on the cliffs of Uluwatu, Bali
Crawling Monkey In Bali
This monkey got low trying to figure out what my camera was in Ubud, Bali
Monkey Grabbing My Shorts
A monkey grabbing my shorts and hanging on in Bali
Monkey Looking At View
This monkey was sitting on the edge of a big ass cliff in Uluwatu, Bali
Monkey Looks Away
This guy was all by himself at the top of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka

More Of My Best Monkey Photos

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