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Photos Of The Ancient City Of Petra

The Monastery Petra
The Monastery hidden deep in the mountains of Petra

One of my favorite places I’ve been to in all my travels has to be The Ancient City of Petra in Jordan. Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a New 7 Wonder of the World, so there are plenty of resources for you to get detailed information about it. BBC calls Petra a top 40 must see place before you die, and UNESCO says it’s “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”. These are very bold statements, and I agree with both wholeheartedly.

I don’t have much to say about Petra that you can’t read on 100’s of other sites, but I do have a couple pointers. The city is pretty big and spread out, but be sure to go all the way to the end where you’ll reach a magnificent view over the Wadi Araba basin. This is also where one of the biggest and most memorable buildings in Petra, The Treasury, is located. You’ll regret it if you get lazy and skip out early. If you’re not in good health or physical shape, don’t worry, there are a million locals who will take you by donkey or camel, although it’s a nice hike.

The other pointer I want to give you for Petra is choose your time of day wisely. Jordan is in the middle east, it can get very hot. I found it best to start in the afternoon. This meant I had to rush a bit, but it also meant less heat, and less crowds. There were still a lot of people for the first hour or 2 we were there, but as it got towards late afternoon, most people had already started back and we got photos of everything with no people in the way. Petra can get pretty crowded, especially around the highlights, so it was nice to get photos without the random people in them.

Other than that, I just want to strongly urge you to visit, and to show you a bunch of my Petra photos.

Man In Al Siq Narrows at Petra
A Local Man In the Petra Narrows
Cart In Al Siq (The Narrows), Petra
Petra Water System
An example of the sophisticated canal water system at Petra
First Glimpse of the Treasury at Petra
Approaching the first view of the treasury through the narrows
The Treasury of Petra
The most famous building of Petra: The Treasury
Inside The Treasury of Petra
The boring inside of the Treasury building
Petra Crowds
The crowds out front of the Treasury at Petra
Camel Drinking A Water Bottle, Petra
A camel drinking out of a water bottle
Street Of Facades, Petra
The street of facades leading from the Treasury to the Theater
Petra Theater
The theater of Petra
Tombs Around Petra
The area of Petra with all the tombs built into it
Sextus Florentinus Tomb, Petra
Sextus Florentinus' Tomb across from the theater
Petra View From Tombs
The view of Petra looking off the cliff where the tombs are located
The Mountains Around Petra
The Mountains Around Petra
Colonnaded Street, Petra
The Colonnaded Street, a main thoroughfare in Ancient Petra
Collapsed Columns in Petra
A group of columns which have collapsed with the large tombs in the background
Qasr Al-Bint, Petra
The Qasr Al-Bint Temple
The Donkey's View at Petra
A donkey looking out into the mountains
Walking Down Stairs At Petra
Walking Down Stairs At Petra
Petra Goats
Goats up on the mountain side along the Monastery route
Man Riding Donkey In A Tight Squeeze, Petra
A man riding a donkey barely squeezing through the little tunnel
Man Leading Donkey Through Petra
A man taking his group of donkeys back down the route through Petra
Goat Steeling Food From Baby, Petra
A goat steeling some food from a vendor and their baby
The Monastery Petra
The Monastery hidden deep in the mountains of Petra
Donkey Looking Towards Israel From Petra
A donkey looking out off the cliff towards Israel
Way Back To Petra
Way Back To Petra
Alone At The Treasury, Petra
At the end of the day we got the Treasury to ourselves

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade in Petra

The 3rd addition to the Indiana Jones collection filmed a scene in Petra and brought a lot of eyes to the ancient city. It’s easy to get your hands on a copy of the film in Petra, they embrace he fame the movie brought to their city.

More Photos of Petra

The Ancient City of Petra Map

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