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Crystal Clear Eli Creek, Fraser Island

A Perfect Day At Eli Creek, Fraser Island
Perfect weather on Fraser Island, hot but the cool water of Eli Creek cools you down

Cool clear waters to relieve the heat, Eli Creek is a definite highlight on Fraser Island. On a nice day, its tough to beat the heat of Fraser Island, the lakes are warm, the ocean isn’t safe by means of 18′ Tiger Sharks and Portuguese Man-O-Wars (Blue Bottles) and sometimes shade is difficult to come by. Luckily there is Eli Creek; park your 4X4 on the beach and jump into the refreshing clear waters. There is a raised wooden boardwalk which goes several hundred meters up stream and provides access to the creek. Walk up, then float down the knee high waters to the end where it dumps into a pool on the beach. Everyone parks their cars around this pool, some people choose to drive through it which is fun to watch, and people just lounge around.

Walking Through Eli Creek, Fraser Island
Walking through the crystal clear waters of Eli Creek on Fraser Island

Eli Creek is amongst the most popular destinations on Fraser Island, so expect crowds during peak hours. I regret not bringing some cold beers and an intertube as that would have been amazing. Bring your lunch, maybe a football or frisbee, and a towel. When I was there someone was playing music real loud from their SUV, I’m sure some people were annoyed, but I liked it. Eli Creek would be the ultimate destination for a music festival.

Eli Creek Grows Wide
The mouth of Eli Creek as it hits the Fraser Beach
Eli Creek Beach, Fraser Island
A truck driving through the waters of Eli Creek as it makes its way to the ocean on Fraser Island
The Clear Water of Eli Creek
Trees grow around the clear waters of Eli Creek

Eli Creek Map

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