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Caminito Del Rey Von Ryans Express Video

One of the most popular posts on this site has been about a dangerous hike in Southern Spain known as El Caminito Del Rey. Although El Caminito Del Rey has become a bit of an internet sensation in recent times, it’s not well known that it was featured in the movie “Von Ryan’s Express” back in 1965. Here is a clip from the movie showing the upper path in pretty good shape before it was torn down.

If the video does not start right away, give it a minute to buffer.

Starring Frank Sinatra, Von Ryan’s Express is a decent movie if you don’t mind old films. The entire scene which takes place at El Camino lasts about 12 minutes, however after the first few minutes you’ll lose interest, which is why I clipped the video down to less than 3 minutes. I was hoping the movie would continue down the pathway so we could see more of what it used to look like, but unfortunately it doesn’t. When the film was released the path would have been around 60 years old, so it was not yet deteriorating like we see today. It kind of looks like parts of it may have been filmed in a studio as well.

For those that have not read our post about it (see: Restoring El Caminito Del Rey), the path is set to get a facelift anytime now. The money has been approved by the Spanish government, we’re just waiting to hear that construction has started rendering the path a lot less exciting (although still beautiful).

El Caminito Del Rey In 1965

El Camino Del Rey In Von Ryans Express
A screen cap from the 1965 movie Von Ryan's express showing El Caminito Del Rey

El Caminito Del Rey In 2010

2010 Von Ryans Express - El Camino Del Rey View
A similar view of the path as seen in 2010

El Camino Del Rey From Above Map

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