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Everest Region & The Himalayas
Points of Interest

Below are some of the points of interest in and around the Himalayas and general Everest region. Each article includes photos, videos, and other relevant multimedia and tips. If you’re familiar with the Everest summit routes, base camp treks, or any of the myriads of tv shows and movies covering the Himalayas you’ll likely recognize a lot of these famous landmarks and points of interest.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, NepalTenzing-Hillary Airport in LuklaThe Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal is without a doubt the scariest airport I’ve ever flown into and/or out of. The History Channel ranked the Lukla Airport the most extreme airport in the world. Sadly it has had it’s fair share of deadly accidents, as you can see from the video below. Bad visibility, tall mountains surrounding it, a short runway, and an abrupt cliff edge start to this runway… Read More
Ama DablamAma DablamAma Dablam is the first large peak you see on the Everest Base Camp Trek, and it stays in sight for several days. We woke up one morning on our EBC Trek in the village of Dingboche to find the clouds had cleared, the sun was shining, and we were left with spectacular views of the entire mountain. Ama Dablam (meaning Mother’s Necklace) is a beautiful peak because… Read More
North Everest Base Camp (Tibet Side)North Everest Base Camp (Tibet Side)Wikipedia states that North Everest Base Camp sits at an altitude of 5,545 metres (18,192 ft), but most other sources say it’s 5,208 metres (17,090 ft), not sure which is more accurate, but either way it’s high. There are many tour companies offering trips to North Base Camp, however in recent years China has been enforcing stricter rules and regulations over who can visit and when… Read More
South Everest Base Camp (Nepal Side)South Everest Base Camp (Nepal Side)Everest Base Camp in Nepal, also known as South Base Camp, is a lot different than the Everest Base Camp on the Tibet side. To start with, you can drive most of the way to EBC Tibet. To get to EBC Nepal, you have to take a (sketchy) 40 minute flight from Kathmandu, then hike 6 days (plus 2 acclimation days) through the Himalayan mountains. South Base Camp is located at 5,364 meters… Read More
Kala PattharKala PattharKala Patthar is a smaller mountain near the village of Gorak Shep and Everest Base Camp. It’s known as the less glamorous, higher elevation add-on to many Everest Base Camp Treks. The views of Everest from the Kala Patthar summit are amazing, and it’s especially popular at sunrise as the sun comes up from behind Everest… Read More
Khumbu IcefallsKhumbu IcefallsThe Khumbu Icefall is hands down one of the most dangerous stretches of the Everest Climb. It’s basically a giant frozen waterfall, which moves several feet every day. This makes it extremely unstable, and despite using all safety precautions, a deadly place. Large chunks of ice are regularly tumbling down the mountain, 100 foot crevasses are everywhere, and sometimes loosely… Read More
Abandoned Airstrip by Namche BazaarAbandoned Airstrip by Namche BazaarLocated just up the mountain from Namche Bazaar is an abandoned airstrip. Officially known as Syanboche Airstrip, or Syangboche Airport, this small unpaved landing area is the closest “airport” to Mt. Everest. There are no commercial flights going in or out of Syanboche, as it’s not licensed for commercial flights, however there are some chartered flights, mainly comprised of… Read More
Mount Everest: The Top Of The WorldMount Everest: The Top Of The WorldSoaking up the majesty of Mt. Everest is an awesome feeling. Its breadth and width brings home the insignificance of humanity. Yet at the same time its height invites illusions of grandeur—that humanity can reach out, be among the clouds, and maybe touch the infinity of the universe. Maybe that paradox is what has kept generations of men and women enthralled by it… Read More
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