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Everest Base Camp Trek Journal – Day 10

Crossing Flooded River Everest
Crossing a river which flooded and overtook the trail during the monsoon rains of day 10

When we woke up it was still raining heavily. There’s nothing to do in Pangboche so the idea of staying there sounded worse than walking in the rain. Once we got confirmation from Boo that we could move our flight back up, it was worth pushing through to get to Namche today. Out into the rain we went, shortly before 11 AM. The rain meant that small streams were now gushing rivers, and there were massive waterfalls everywhere. Rivers were overflowing to the point that rocks that you used to be able to walk across were completely underwater. Jit was picking up rocks and carrying them across the rivers to make paths for us. It was crazy.

Fresh Snow Above Tengboche
The village town of Tengboche with fresh snow on the mountains above it

At different points in the day there was also thunder and lightning which made crossing big metal bridges seem even more sketchy. We stopped for lunch for an hour, then back into the rain. We finally got to Namche a little before 5 PM. When we got to the teahouse, I had to wait more than half an hour for a shower and most of the hot water was gone by my turn. I was freezing and annoyed, but at least I was cleaner. One guy cut the line, then took a 10 minute shower. I was not very happy with him.

Looking Downhill From Tengboche in The Rain
Standing amongst the rock prayer carvings at Tengboche, about to leave for the stretch to Namche Bazaar

At dinner we found out that a sightseeing plane crashed in Kathmandu. When Boo first told us the story, we thought that one person died and the rest survived. All 19 people on the plane actually died, but only one was decapitated. For some reason that I still can’t understand, this was told to us as if it were a good thing. It wasn’t a flight that we would have been on since it was just flying around Everest, but they’re the same planes that fly people back and forth to Lukla. After dinner we played cards again then went to bed. Last day of hiking tomorrow, and we’re all ready to be done.

Everest Base Camp Trek Day 10 Notes

Date: 26 September 2011

Path: Pangboche to Namche Bazaar

Where Did We Stay In Namche Bazaar: Hotel Everest

Elevation: 3440m / 11286 ft

Hours hiking: 5

Hours hiking w/ stops: 6

Stay tuned for the Everest Base Camp Trek Journals Days 11-12

Pangboche to Namche Bazaar Photo Gallery

Returning From Everest Base Camp In The Rain Video

In one of the clips in the video you see a small slice of a log running across the stream, this is what we had to use to get across because the water had overtaken the trail below and was too high to cross

Pangboche to Namche Bazaar Route Map

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  • Matt  @ Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    Great journal, thanks for posting. I’m off in under two weeks. I’ll have to get my girlfriend to read this so she knows what to expect.

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