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The Feeling After An Extended Trip

John Jackson on Travel
John Jackson describes the feeling of a long trip and when that trip is over

For those of you who have ever been on an extended trip, you know the feeling when you return back home. It’s tough to really put it into words, but you feel different. I’m not going to attempt to do so here, but I was recently watching the Red Bull series “Brothers on the Run” and in the finale snowboarder John Jackson summed up that feeling very well.

Brothers on the Run is a 16 part web series about two brothers who are professional snowboarders. They get together and decide to do a road trip from Alaska to Argentina, snowboarding, surfing, and skate boarding all the way down the coast in their custom made trucks. If you’re into action sports the series is a great watch, they have appearances by a lot of other pro athletes like Travis Rice and Ian Walsh. Even if you’re not in it for the sports, there is still a lot of cool travel footage and adventure in between.

The reason I write this post today is because I was very impressed by John’s closing monologue, where he describes that feeling of returning from a long trip; that which only someone who has done it can relate to. Here is a direct link to hear his description to a montage of clips from their trip: John Jackson on Travel, or to view the whole series here is the playlist: Brothers on the Run.

What are your thoughts on coming home? You know that feeling he’s talking about?

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