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Hike From Buşteni To Babele, Romania

The View Towards Babele From Buşteni, Romania
A view up the mountain towards Babele from outside the Buşteni train station

Romania is not a frequented hot spot for travelers. However, its easy to kill a week or two visiting this Eastern European country. If you’re a hiker in Romania, you can’t leave without hiking from Buşteni to Babele in the Bucegi Mountains of Central Romania. Likely the 2 most popular destinations in Romania are the capital Bucharest, and Transylvania, the home of Dracula. Taking the train between the 2 leads you through Buşteni.

Get off the train at Buşteni, pack a day bag and leave the rest at the train station. When you exit the station, turn left and head up the main drag through town. Grab some waters and maybe a snack, then ask someone to point you towards the trail head. You’ll hike about a 2000 meter climb (6,500 feet) in 3-6 hours until you reach Babele. In fact, its almost straight up much of the way, with available chains as you get closer to the top. Not recommended for those who are out of shape, although if you aren’t comfortable with such a strenuous hike, don’t let that stop you from taking the Gondola. Also not recommended during non-summer months.

When you reach the top, get a room at the Cabana Babele, a small hotel which serves traditional Romanian Food and has cheap dorm style rooms (when we were there in August it was nearly empty). Explore the peak areas, items of interest include the “Babe” Rock, and the “Sphinx” of Bucegi.

Caution: Bears do live in and around these areas, and they have attacked people, be careful

The Hike takes you along many steep mountain sides as seen above
Looking up the rock faces along the trail
Climbing over boulders in the trail, one of the many obstacles on the way to Babele
Continuing on through a field of flowers
As you approach the top you’ll encounter hundreds of grazing sheep and their herders (both man and dog)
A Romanian Sheep Herder stops for a photo
A waterfall and its pools along the hike to Babele
The Famous Babe Rocks Outside The Cabana Babele
Hiking down the mountain towards Buşteni through more sheep
View from the Gondola, many sheep, coming back down the mountain to Buşteni

Buşteni to Babele Map

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