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Honeymoon in Thailand Questions

The Beach From The Beach
The beach from the movie "The Beach", on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand

Q. Hey me and Chris are trying to plan our honeymoon. Have you ever been to Phuket or Thailand? Let me know, or if you have other recommendations?? Somewhere exotic and tropical, but things/excursions to do with good food and drinks!

I guess it depends what time of year you guys are going, when is the honeymoon? I’ve been to Phuket, but only briefly; I didn’t even have the chance to do anything during the day, we only went out at night. I can tell you by night it’s hooker city. And the prostitutes in Phuket are aggressive, they wouldn’t leave us alone which got annoying. Are you guys looking for a crowded touristy / party type of place, or something more private and romantic? Are you willing to travel around to different places, or do you prefer to check-in to your hotel and not have to worry about moving until your flight home? I think you can find better islands in Thailand than Phuket, depending on what you’d like to do or see.

Have you thought about The Philippines? The Philippines is pretty cheap, not as touristy, and they pretty much all speak English. There are some amazing islands in the Philippines as well. Or maybe Bali? Bali has a bit of everything for you, and is well accustomed to tourists. Basically to give you the best answer I need to know whats most important for you: relaxing on the beach, private beaches or crowded ones, water activities like snorkeling / diving, socializing, scenery, etc.

Q. We are getting married in May, and would like to go about 2 weeks. So end of May / start of June. I do want private and romantic to where we can relax and have a cocktail on the beach, but then be able to go out at night perhaps into the city / nightlife. We do want to travel around, we always want to see as many places as possible. But we still want to have time to relax if going to multiple places. Let me know what you think…. Is Bali somewhere to look into? Phuket was so cheap, don’t want to break the bank.

We want to do day excursions like snorkeling, hiking, etc. Don’t mind crowded beaches as long as it’s clean. We do like a town where we can get away from the hotel to have a good dinner/ shopping / bars or nightlife too.

I think you’ll be ok weather-wise for all the places mentioned. Obviously the decision is yours, so I’ll just tell you a little about a few places and we can talk in more detail if one peaks your interest.

Bali, Indonesia

Pretty touristy, but nice for couples, and you have about as wide a selection of accommodation as possible. They have some of the nicest resorts in the world there, and they have backpacker places for dirt cheap. You guys pick based on your budget, or maybe pick a couple different spots on different beaches and areas of the island. They also have a decent variety of things to do and see: lots of beaches, surfing, swimming, temples, monkeys, rice terraces, diving, snorkeling, a volcano… You can visit other islands if you feel the need, the Gili Islands might be nice and they’re not too far away. Nightlife in Bali can get pretty crazy, but mainly consists of young Aussies who are still learning their limits. Not to say fun can’t be had, but the famous night life in Bali is generally for a younger crowd based on my experience. They have one club that’s shaped like a pirate ship! Pick your times and places wisely and you’ll be able to enjoy it.

Borocay, Philippines

Philippino people are some of my favorite in the world. They’re so light hearted and playful, they laugh at everything and seem to be genuinely happy. Borocay is their tourist mecca, white sand beaches and warm crystal clear waters – like a post card. It’s a bit tougher to get out to other places as most anywhere you want to go will be routed back through Manilla, but maybe a couple days in Manilla and you don’t need to go anywhere else. Here you’ve got all the basic water sports & activities, good nightlife, a variety of food, spas, you can go ziplining, cliff jumping and just relax on the beach. The Philippines are cheap, and English is spoken pretty much everywhere.

Other Islands in Thailand

Like I said, I haven’t spent any time in Phuket during the day, but I’ve been to several other of the popular islands in Thailand. Koh Phangan is where they have the full moon parties, might be cool to catch one of those if the timing works out (or they also have half moon parties in the jungle). Some nice beaches, good food, accommodation, snorkeling, nightlife. We had a good time here, but you wouldn’t want to spend your whole time there. A short ferry ride away are the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Koh Samui is one of the most touristy islands in Thailand, but that also means it has a lot to do and see. Again, pretty good beaches, definitely has some nightlife, a zoo / aquarium / bird show, waterfall, etc. Koh Tao is a bit less touristy, although still very popular amongst backpackers. This is where I learned to scuba dive, and it was awesome. You can also snorkel or just chill on the beach. It’s a bit more mellow, but still a lot of fun, most restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels are located directly on the beach. All three of these islands are located on the east side of Thailand.

On the west side of Thailand, where Phuket is, you can also visit Koh Phi Phi. This is where they filmed the movie “The Beach”, and where the photo at the top of this article was taken. Koh Phi Phi was the smallest island we went to, it didn’t even have cars. You’ll want to take a boat out and explore the different islands and reefs here, this was the most scenic island I visited, and also my favorite. Still has nightlife, as most islands in Thailand will. This would be easy to get to if you wanted to do Phuket, versus crossing over the east side, although very doable, is a bit more of a pain in the ass.

Regardless of where you choose, all these places will be amazing. If you want to get away and explore some more remote islands I can check with some friends and get some more details for you. Not to complicate the decision even more, but you may also want to consider Queensland, Australia. They have some amazing beaches and islands along their east coast, most of which are probably even nicer than the ones mentioned above. However, it’s going to cost a lot more if you choose to do Australia.

The Gili Islands Satellite Map

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