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How Can Lisbon Have All the Worlds Best Hostels?

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I’ve been to Lisbon, I stayed in a couple hostels there. They were nice, but if I were to come up with a list of the top 5 hostels I’ve personally stayed in (and I’ve stayed in a lot), no hostel in Portugal, let alone Lisbon would make it. Look at the 2011 Hoscar Awards, which HostelWorld gives out each year. The top 3 (out of the listed 3) hostels worldwide are all from the same city! Lisbon or anywhere else, how can one city host the top 3 hostels in the world???

Then you look at the top 10 large hostels, and again, the top 3 are from Lisbon, as is #8. Moving on to the top 10 small hostels, the top 2 are from Lisbon, and #5 and #7 are from Porto (also in Portugal)!

I don’t mean to knock Hostelworld, the awards are not chosen, but based off user ratings, so how can this be? It feels like somebody in Lisbon has figured out how to trick the hostelworld rating system, and shared it with all their buddies. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

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  • Janne the King of Finland  @ Friday, September 2, 2011 at 12:14 AM

    I’m now in Bounce, a good hostel in Sydney. They offer 24 hours of free WiFi if you give a 100% review in Hostelworld. Internet here is $7 per 3 hours, so it’s a lot of money saved ($56) for 5min time and a review. That poster was the first thing I saw when I come here.

    Many hostels do offer small things if you write an review, ie. in Cairo I got a free night!

  • miguel  @ Monday, October 3, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    I’m Spanish but I live in Lisbon and now work as tour guide. Before coming to live in Lisbon had already visited Lisbon where he stayed four times in four different host, and can say that despite having visist almost every city in Europe several times, had never been in hostile that I felt so well as in Lisbon … The hosts in Lisbon reached a level of quality that will be very hard to strip them from the top. In fact, I suspect that the host number lisbon to stay in the top 10 will grow and no wonder nothing to occupy the first positions 7 or 8 in the coming years! The hosts in Lisbon are all located in the center of town in the middle of the old town and very close to night life in buildings with several centuries of history, with fantastic architectural prominors that were arranged with a tasteful decoration where the mix history of building with modern decor and cozy that makes you really feel at home, are also very safe, very, very clean and offer all the services that a low-budget traveler needs .. as free internet, lockers and small lunch it-and a genuine friendliness of the staff, all with prices starting at 14 euros per night! It is best to visist the same hostel in Lisbon and you stay with getting your conclusions ..

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