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Kings Canyon – Northern Territory, Australia

Kings Canyon Australia
Kings Canyon from the edge

Kings Canyon is part of the Watarrka National Park in Northern Territory Australia. Although not as popular as some of the other sites in the NT its well worth a visit! Although called kings canyon its actually a gorge 270m height. The walk is only 6km but can take between 3- 5 hours depending on fitness level but even someone whose not in the best shape would still manage it. The 1st half kilometre definitely being the hardest the beginning of the walk known as ‘ heart attack hill’ for its steep incline has an area to stop half way up. once concurred its relatively straight sailing from here with spectacular views of the gorge below and of the surrounding landscape.

The walk takes you all the way round the rim of the canyon its advisable to stand at least a meter away from the edge due to many of the ledges being unsupported underneath. About half way through the walk you can choose to go straight across the top or detour down many many many steps in to the gorge to the ‘garden of eden’ ‘a tropical pool’ i would say more of a permanent water whole but the surrounding plant life & view up the gorge is worth the trip. Here you have the opportunity to stop in the shade and you can swim if you so wish and feel the need to cool down, although its allowed most tour guides wouldn’t advise it due to ‘human waste being washed in from the rocks above’ i’m not too sure on the this one as part of the gorge is a sacred aboriginal site visitors are told to avoid wondering off the tracks above so i’m doubtful that this its true! once back up on the top the second part of the walk definitely has better photo opportunities you can get closer to the edge and there are a few slightly higher points you can climb if your feeling brave.

The last part of the walk is a slow decent back to the start….where after 4 or 5 hours walking & drinking water you’ll be pleased to know there’s a toilet! As the temp in summer rarely drops below 35 degrees water is a must they advise 1 litre an hour but its a lot to carry, so most tour guides say 1.5 litres minimum if your doing the walk in summer you should do the walk as early in the morning as possible as once your up there in the heat there’s no fast way back down again if your doing it the the heat i’d recommend a fly net over a hat….there’s no fashion police there and you’ll be the envy of everyone who spends the day wafting their arms around like loons….you can get away without out one ifs its not as hot. For those that aren’t so keen on the waking and have a bit more spare change you can see the whole thing via helicopter its about $120 for 15 minutes which takes you round the whole thing with from what i’m told amazing views but i think is abit pricey.

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