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Accommodation Secret – How To Stay At Monasteries In Europe

Scottish Countryside Rainbow
A rainbow over a building in the Scottish Countryside (not an actual Monastery)

One of the best ways to travel through Europe on a budget is to stay at Monasteries. Monasteries are generally cheaper then hotels (and sometimes even hostels) and they provide basic accommodation and even include meals depending on which monastery you’re staying at. Don’t expect luxury accommodation because you won’t get it. Usually you get a private room with a bed and access to a shared bathroom. This may not seem like much but in fact it’s more than you get at a hostel for the same price.

The average cell or room at a Monastery will set you back around $30-$50 US but this may vary depending on the monastery. Some monasteries have a recommended donation and don’t have an absolute amount that you have to pay. In other words it works off an honesty system. This is because the monks have taken vows which include hospitality.

While I said that the accommodation wasn’t luxurious, it doesn’t mean it isn’t spectacular. When staying at monasteries and convents you are you staying at some of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious buildings .Often famous saints will have stayed in the same cells which you are staying in. Also unlike many other types of accommodation the monks and nuns and will often include meals.

Staying at monasteries isn’t for everyone and there are significant disadvantages to staying at a monastery instead of a hotel or hostel.  Most monasteries are pretty far from major cities.  Also if you’re looking for a drinking holiday or something of that sort then obviously a monastery is not the place for you.  You need to be respectful to the monastery and what they stand for, this is not your typical no holds barred hostel.

However if you’re on a budget, interested in history, or are looking for an isolated escape then monasteries are a perfect option. Many people simply don’t realise that monasteries are an option for affordable accommodation.

Monasteries don’t insist that you are the same religion that they practice, all are welcome.  However monasteries obviously have an added attraction to Christians because you can go there for spiritual development as well as a holiday. Not all Monasteries offer accommodation, however the ones that do are worth looking up if you’re going to Europe or travelling round Europe any time soon.

Get out of the city and detox for a few days!

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