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Mumbles Mile Pub Crawl Is Dead – Swansea, Wales

The Park Inn of Mumbles - Swansea, Wales
Our favorite pub of the pub crawl, The Park Inn

There’s a small town called Mumbles on the coast of Wales, located near Swansea, the second largest city in the country. This stretch of coast has 1 main road running through it about a mile long; this road was once one of the most heavily concentrated pub areas in the world, home to well over 20, hence the name Mumbles Mile. For those of you who know of the show Three Sheets, I learned of this town and pub crawl from the Wales episode. For those of you who don’t, you’re welcome; click the link and watch some of the episodes, its a great show about different cultures and their drinking customs.

Unfortunately, due to pressure from the towns local council, and growth in the night life in Swansea, the Mumbles Miles is pretty much non-existent today. I like to say my friend and I were the last people to ever do the Mumbles Mile. The list we found online, very similar to that on the show had 9 pubs (listed in order): The White Rose, The Nags Head, The Park Inn, The Victoria Inn, The Village Inn, The William Hancock, The Antelope, Salt @ The George, and The Pilot.

Things started off fine; we took a train from Cardiff to Swansea, then hopped in a taxi towards The White Rose. After our first Imperial Pint (20oz instead of the standard 16oz) we continued on. A minute later we found The Nags Head, it had been shut down. No big deal, we replaced it with a restaurant bar across the street called CJ’s. Next was The Park Inn, which was a block back behind the main street (towards the church); this was our favorite pub. Had a pint of a great local stout called Tiger; the place was small, but had a great feel – local people relaxing with their dogs at their feet, friendly staff, very comfortable. Next was The Victoria Inn. The Victoria Inn was open, but once we got inside we noticed almost all their taps were finished, and we found out quickly this was their last day, they had been shut down. As we continued through the Pub Crawl, we found The Antelope had also been shut down, so we replaced it with some overpriced hotel lounge bar called Patricks. Eventually we finished the pub crawl with 9 pubs, 2 of which had to be replaced by iffy at best substitutes.

If you were to attempt the Mumbles Mile today, you’d find that you’re left with only 6 of the original pubs. 6 pubs is no longer a pub crawl worth writing about on this blog. So, being that we were fortunate enough to make it to The Victoria Inn on its last day, I deem my friend and I the official last participants in the Mumbles Mile Pub Crawl. If you’re in the area, its still an interesting experience to head towards Swansea for the day. An easy train ride from Cardiff; you can experience some of the deep Welsh accent and local attitudes. Also, if you like Welsh culture, you can check out the movie “Twin Towns,” which takes place in Swansea, and dubbed the line “Pretty Shitty City” – if that tells you anything about Swansea.

Mumbles Mile Map

2 Good comments on "Mumbles Mile Pub Crawl Is Dead – Swansea, Wales"

  • Huw Lovell  @ Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 3:08 AM

    The film mentioned is in fact called “Twin Towns” and is a v.funny film set in Swansea and Mumbles. Anytime I feel homesick, I give it a watch, cheer up and have a good laugh. Sad news about all the pub closures, the Victoria Inn was my local, and I regularly used to do “the mile” back when ther were 22 places you could get a drink! ah the good old days!

    • Mike  @ Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 11:00 AM

      You’re right Huw, I was going from memory, it is in fact called Twin Towns. I’ve updated the article with this correction, thanks!

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