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Nature’s Infinity Pool: Magpupunkgko Beach, Tidal Pools and Lagoon, Siargao, Philippines

Magpupungko Lagoon in Siargao, Philippines
Two Guys getting ready to enter the warm waters of the lagoon.

Magpupungko is a place I am tempted to not write about because I want to keep it all for myself. The Philippines are amazing in general, but the Magpupunkgko Lagoon was amazing and deserted. It gave the satisfying affect of discovery and solitude being the only group at such a cool place. The water in the lagoon is very warm, a more buoyant person than myself could comfortably sleep in it. The lagoon itself is a giant tide pool carved out of the coral, and if you swim to the edge, you can look out over fields of coral to breaking waves,creating a natural infinity pool effect.

A Philippino-American Lounges in Tide Pool
Although it looks cool, relaxing in the tide pool is a little creepy due to the seaweed and abundance of creatures

Located just 200m off of a main arterial in Pilar, the entrance is well marked and like most everything in the Philippines, you have to pay a small fee to enter. The cost was 50p to experience one of the most relaxing swimming holes I have ever been to. Make sure to go during low tide.

The coral fields are huge and everywhere, bring sandals to explore.
The coral fields are huge and everywhere, bring sandals to explore.

Once you pass the gate you can stay on the beach, or hang a left for a short hike on a well-worn trail to the crystal clear lagoon, tidal pools and rock formations. I would definitely recommend wearing sandals during the walk. Although I looked the dorkiest because I wore strap on sandals, I was able to explore the tide pools in the coral and walk in and out of the lagoon with no problems.

A man jumps off a rock into a lagoon
The Lagoon is deep enough to get a little crazy and jump off the rocks

The tidal pools are teeming with creatures and the isolated water in the pools heat up to a very comfortable temperature. If you want a little less creepy experience than the one in the picture,(seaweed creeps everyone out right?) stay in the larger and deeper lagoon. You can walk in from where the trail ends and the lagoon will gradually get deeper. Some spots are as deep as 5m, deep enough to jump off of the rock formations jutting up from the middle of the pool. Be careful climbing up as the rocks are sharp.

Entrance to Magpupungko Beach
It costs 50p to enter the Magpupungko area

If you keep walking past the lagoon along the coral, there are some really cool rock formations that looked like they were expertly balanced by giants.

An Abandoned Hut on Stilts
There are several abandoned structures, none of which look safe to explore.

Magpupunkgko Beach, Tidal Pools, and Lagoon Photo Gallery

Magpupungko Map

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  • Mike  @ Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 9:09 PM

    Hi Ely, our friend took us to this lagoon, so we have no contact info or exact address, and I think that’s going to be hard to find. Once you’re on the island you might be able to find some locals who can provide it (if it exists), but your best bet is to just go for it and find it yourself. Remember to check the tide charts as it’s only visible at low tide.

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