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Neuschwanstein Castle Pictures

Neuschwanstein Castle From St. Mary's Bridge
The best view of Neuschwanstein Castle comes from St. Mary’s Bridge as seen above

‘Mad’ King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle is easily the most amazing castle I’ve seen this far in my travels, and one of the most spectacular buildings. Situated in the foot of the German Alps dividing Germany from Austria, the Castle overlooks not 1, but 2 lakes, is surrounded by mountains on nearly every side, sits above a river and waterfall, and a huge green open field. There is another castle which you’ll see from Neuschwanstein, it was built by ‘Mad’ King Ludwigs father King Ludwig I and is actually quite nice itself. However, ‘Mad’ King Ludwig decided he needed to one up his father and built his bigger and better, and looking down on Hohenschwangau, so this older castle gets no attention. You may recognize Neuschwanstein castle from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Although not true, it looks more like they designed the castle from a fairy tale, not vise versa. The inside is as magnificent as the exterior, although ‘Mad’ King Ludwig II died before he could finish it, so they do not show every room to the public. If you’re visiting Bavaria you can not skip this castle. It’s an easy day trip from Munich or it’s surrounding cities, or you can stay around the Castle in Hohenschwangau or Füssen.

If you’re based in Munich, I recomend hopping on the New Munich Tours trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. They’ll arrange all your trains, buses, and entrance fees. In the end it costs next to nothing over what it would cost you on your own, and it allows you to relax and meet other travelers. Tour costs 35€ for adults and 30€ for students, plus an additional 9€ for entrance to Neuschwanstein. DO NOT SKIP THIS, it’s only 9€, you won’t regret it in a month even if you think it sucks. If you have time stay in the area, hike some of the trails, paraglide, and / or just enjoy the scenery.

From outside the gates, looking up at Neuschwanstein Castle
From outside the gates, this shows the height of the walls of Neuschwanstein
St. Mary's Bridge across the waterfall near Neuschwanstein
View of St. Mary’s Bridge and the waterfall from outside Neuschwanstein
Looking up at Neuschwanstein from the courtyard below
Neuschwanstein Castle from inside the courtyard below
View from window of Neuschwanstein
Looking out the windows of Neuschwanstein yields these types of views
The courtyard of Neuschwanstein from the window
The courtyard again, this time from inside Neuschwanstein

*Note: Photos are not supposed to be taken inside the castle (they want to sell them to you instead), so these photos had to be taken in secret

Interior Photos: One of the first rooms you enter on the tour of Neuschwanstein
One of the first rooms you enter on the tour of Neuschwanstein
Interior Photos: Painted ceilings of Neuschwanstein
Another interior photo of Neuschwanstein, more detailed paintings covering all the walls and ceilings
One of the main rooms of Neuschwanstein, heavily decorated
One the of the main rooms in Neuschwanstein, everything is covered in gold, murals, marble, etc.

Neuschwanstein Castle Map

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