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Planning A Trip To Fiji

Sunset In Fiji
Sunset from the pool in Fiji

If you’re planning on visiting Fiji you can do it in one of 2 ways: 1. Book a set tour for a specified number of days and on a pre-determined number of islands, having the whole thing planned out for you or 2. you can get a flight, land in Nadi and see what happens from there. Although a little daunting I’d recommend the latter; its cheaper and if you get somewhere you don’t want to be you can leave or likewise if you really like somewhere you can stay longer. As a starter when you land in Nadi airport your going to get harassed by people trying to book you into tours and plan your trip… they’re all working on commission and can be a bit pushy. Be strong and walk through the airport there’s a free phone and you can dial one of a number of hostels to pick you up. More often than not they’ll pick you up for free but if not its only about $10 – $15 fjd

There are many hostels on Nadi Bay Beach; I recomend staying here, its only 10mins from the local town and airport, but its far enough out that its nice and peaceful. Once here there are about 7 places to stay right on the beach. Smugglers Cove is a move expensive backpackers, (around $35 fjd a night for a dorm) but its well worth the money. It has a lovely pool, restaurant and bar, and they often have fire shows and nightly activities. Next door is Mamas Tropic of Capricorn, often just called Mamas. This is run by a family and mama is always there to look after you, “a home away from home”, this is a lot cheaper at $18 a night for a dorm and its a lovely clean place with a pool, a bar, out door eating area, as well as sun beds on the beach. If you’re not too fussy about staying on the beach, just around the corner you can stay at Beach Escape Villas and have your own twin or double room for $20 to $24 a night; again it has a lovely restaurant, bar and pool area but this is much quieter than the others, however a 2 minute walk away if you want to eat at any of the others. All these hostels should help you book any tour you want to go on.

Low tide in Fiji
Low tide exposes some rocks in Fiji

Once settled if you feel like exploring, take a trip to Nadi town which is only 10 minutes in a taxi, you can flag it down from the street. You should pay around $6 for this so if there’s a few of you its nothing, or there is a local bus that comes at 11, and they rarely tell you how much it is so if you just hand them a dollar or $1.20 they’ll more often than not take you for that. Nadi town has lots of shops and local markets, its worth loading up on water and snacks here as its much cheaper than the resorts. Be aware of pick pockets and people trying to sell you weed. It may seem trivial, but at all the resorts you’ll get warned, if you get caught with it, or caught buying it the seller has no responsibility you are the only one to blame and its punishable by death. I’m sure this is more of a threat than anything, but they mean business. Now from the town you can book your tours or you’re just a boat ride to the next island you want to go to. You can book boats to leave each island from the island itself so you can just relax and go with the flow.

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