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Salty Meets Fresh: Playa Langosta and Estuary, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Soccer on the Beach
A family plays soccer on Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta is a strip of beaches and rocky coast just south of the resort town of Tamarindo in Costa Rica. The shore is lined with resorts and bed and breakfasts, but most are removed enough from the beach, behind dense foliage, that the beach retains an unmolested feel. Playa Langosta can get pretty crowded during the peak season, so arriving just before that, early December, will give you perfect weather and a little less crowded experience.

Two People Float in the Estuary
Two People Enjoying the Refreshing Water in the Estuary

Sometimes it gets so hot in Costa Rica that even swimming in the ocean doesn’t relieve you from the heat and humidity. Playa Langosta is special because there is an estuary near the southern most part of the beach that pours fresh crisp water into the ocean. It’s a great spot to float in the current and really enjoy the cool water, and right in front there is a nice surf break for those inclined to surf. The break was so loud when I was there that it drowned out the noise of the other beach-goers and really let me savor my experience.

Sunset at Playa Langosta
The Sun sets over the Pacific Ocean in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

People often scoff at the idea that I went to Tamarindo while in Costa Rica, that it was too touristy, but I had a great “not too touristy” time there. It’s the perfect spot to rent a villa with some friends, pick up some local food and cook a couple meals. If you want to eat out you can go to some of the really delicious and reasonably priced restaurants in the town. Just don’t be surprised to see the prostitute that was soliciting you earlier in the day with an elderly white gentleman sitting next to you at dinner. Tamarindo has all the amenities you would expect at home, but still has the distinct feeling of Costa Rica. You know you are on vacation in another country. If you happen to go fishing in Tamarindo, and if you are staying at a resort, the chef will prepare your fish in too many delicious ways to count.

Playa Langosta Estuary
You can get a little shade under the trees on the beach

Playa Langosta Map

3 Good comments on "Salty Meets Fresh: Playa Langosta and Estuary, Tamarindo, Costa Rica"

  • Mike  @ Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 1:01 AM

    Theres a place like this called Eli Creek on Fraser Island in Australia.  On a hot day the cool fresh water is way better than the warm ocean.  At Eli Creek you’re not supposed to swim in the Ocean part because of sharks and jelly fish (or at least the guides say that), here it seems like they may have Crocodiles?

  • Ron Robbins  @ Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 8:04 PM

    If you’re anything like me and enjoy a good secluded beach, try checking out some of the Green (That’s right: Green) Sand Beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Not too many people know about them due to their extreme isolation and difficulty to get to but they are quite a site to behold.  If I recall correctly, I believe they are green from the extreme amount of sulfur.

    • Mike  @ Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 8:38 PM

      Sounds pretty cool, have you written about these on your site?

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