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Tip – How To Beat Jet Lag

Sleepy Skydiver
Jet Lag got you missing out on the sights?

At this moment it’s 5:33 AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday.  My flight left Brisbane at 11:10 pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, connecting in Taipei for 10 hours, then dropping me at LAX 36 hours later.  I hardly slept on either leg of my flight, and went sightseeing in Taipei during my layover.  When I arrived home I spent time with friends and family until nearly 2AM.  Logic says 3.5 hours of sleep should not be enough, so why am I awake?  I didn’t follow my own method for avoiding jet lag…

Don’t Nap

No matter how bad you want to, do not nap.  Depending on when you arrive, this may be easier or more difficult.  If you absolutely can’t stay awake, take a quick nap, but don’t over-do it, 20 minutes max.

Drink LOADS Of Alcohol

This is the most important thing.  Despite how unappealing this may be to some people after a long haul flight, do it.  Go out and force yourself to have fun, it shouldn’t be too hard.  If you can power through a big night out, and manage to get your drunk on, sleeping through the night and well into the next day should not be a problem.

When you wake up the next morning you may be a bit hungover, but you’ll have gotten some rest, and started your day closer to the local schedule.  Hopefully you’ll be good to go from here on.  If not, rinse and repeat, no naps, and hit the bars again tonight!

Have more tips for avoiding jet lag?  Please post your methods in the comments below.

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